A Vaporwave Floppy Disk Label.

Scheitern als Chance

Dokumentation über den Bundestagswahlkampf 1998 der Parteien Chance 2000 von Christoph Schlingensief und der APPD mit ihrem Spitzenkandidaten Karl Nagel. zu sehen ist: Badeaktion bei Helmut Kohls Urlaubsdomizil am Wolfgansee, Reden von Karl Nagel und Wolfgang Wendland vor dem Brandenburger Tor, APPD-Pateitag, Wahlausgang in Bonn vor den Unions-Säälen.

The Punk Kebab Movie

Made by Pedro Rojas in January 1978 this doc features the Maniacs and the Nipple Erectors.


Having played in legendary bands like Angeschissen, Blumen am Arsch der Hölle, Dackelblut and Oma Hans, Jens Rachut is one of the key figures in German punk history. With an eccentric personality, and a unique gift for lyrics that are neither punk nor poetry, he slid into the art world. After working on theater productions by Schorsch Kameron, he created his own audio plays with greats like Josef Ostendorf and Martin Wuttke. In his most recent stage play, “Der Schneckengott” (the snail god), Rachut takes us on a journey — with the help of Die Goldenen Zitronen and Die Sterne musician Thomas Wenzel, actress and singer Susanne Jansen and VJ Pencil Quincy — into the destructive world of snails.

21.2. Berlin Ballhaus Ost
22.2. Leipzig naTo
23.2. Offenbach Parkside Studios
24.2. Cologne Artheater
25.2. Hamburg Kampnagel

Dr. C. Stein – Selected Works 1983 – 1988

Belgium’s JJ Funhouse follow up aces by Mittland Och Leo, Milan W. and Gust De Meyer with this archival survey of Hanjo Erkamp’s synth-curious solo work as Dr C. Stein with Selected Works 1983-1988, dating back to his time with minimal wave faves Ende Shneaflet and Doxa Sinistra and their Trumpett label – which has previously been given the V-O-D reissue treatment. Considering that background, the vibe is mostly lush, bright and creamily melodic, just how the vinyl looks.

Ode To Sansevieria

Official Video for Infuso Giallo’s „Ode To Sansevieria“ out on Kame House Records.

Oilof Olazen – Music For Sleeping or Waking


Alexander Turnquist – Idle Nightmare
The Ah – Changed Color
Pauline Anna Strom – Cruising Altitude 36000
Inspired School Of Astral Music – For D vs Samuel Backett – Eh Joe
Popol Vu – Aguirre ii
Kaija Saariaho – Many Pleasures
Azuma Kabuki Musicians – Nagauta Music
O – Kertomus Kaukomaita – Tale From Farawaylands
Hans Berg – In Dreams
Keith Fullerton Whitman – Track 3a(2waynice)
Bummelzug Explosions – Die Unschärfe
Kama Aina – Hotaru
Embryo – Westend Rast 2
Vergessen – Track 09
Al Bowlly – The Very Thought Of You
Felix Kubin & Coolhaven – Der bleiche Beobachter
Infuso Giallo – Ode To Sansevieria
Schlammpeitziger – What i got
Pye Corner Audio – At the Heart of Stasis
E.M.A.K. – Auf Immer
Django Reinhardt – Django Castle (le manoir de mes reves)
Opium Flirt – Saint European King Days