Mungo Ogórki – Morte A Venecia

Milano Calibro 9 death scene (1972)
Eno Mauro – Introduzione E Canzone (Rocco & his brothers)
Toto Peppino E La Malafemmina (1956)
Renato Carosone – Maruzzella
Confessione Di Un Commisario Di Polizia (1971)
Académico Joao Paulo – Stasera Pago Io
Conrrado Lojacono – Per Un Bacio d’amore
Jula De Palma – Senza Fine (1961)
Comfort of Strangers (1990)
Ennio Morricone – Two Cigarettes
Na Notte – Voci dal Fiume
La Ventura (1960)
Nora Orlandi – A doppia faccia (vocal version)
Bruno Nocolai – Lucky Theme Song
Death in Venice (1971)
Gino Paoli – Il cielo in una Stanza
Mina Mazzini – Tremodia
Domenico Modugno – Mafia
? – La nuove frontiera
Nicola Arigliano – Simpatica
Nino Manfredi – Tanto per Canto
Carlo Buti – Tornerai
The Godfather – The Sicilian Song
La Strada (1954)
Umberto Bindi – Arrivederci

Guan Xiao – David

Lil Pump?

Gökçen Kaynatan

The missing component in the history of Turkish pop and one of the earliest exponents of Turkish electronic music alongside İlhan Mimaroǧlu and Bülent Arel, Gökçen Kaynatan electrified the rock and roll scene of the late 50s/early 60s – sending teenagers wild with his custom built guitars and back lines – helping charge the climate for the birth of Anatolian rock. Then, from the sanctuary of his private studio, he revolutionised the industry with his pioneering use of electronics whilst hanging the sonic wallpaper in the living rooms of an entire generation of telly addicts as in house composer of choice for Turkey’s first national television channel TRT 1. Despite having a modest discography of only four 7” singles to his name his influence is a major current that flows through over 50 years of Turkish pop culture.

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John Maus – Bennington

Well I still love the girl from Bennington
Even though I’ll never see her eyes
I love those fucking eyes
But I still love the girl

[Verse 1]
Time and time again
I’ll see her in my dreams

Time and time again
I’ll see her in my dreams
Time and time again
Time and time again

Well I still love the girl from Bennington
Even though I’ll see her eyes
I love those fucking eyes
Those eyes won’t leave my mind

[Verse 2]
Just for one night
And now I’ll miss her my whole life
Just for one night
Just for one night

Luzifers Abschied

Mondays farewell scene.

Jean-François Boudoir – Bien-être pour des mosaïqueuses flottantes

Alan Lorber Orchestra – The Flute Thing
Tom Waits – Gun Street Girl
Angelo Badalamenti – Blue Velvet
Burt Bacharach & Peter Sellers – World Of Make Believe
Jonathan Bree – A Little Night Music
Blo – Miss Sagit
Kraftwerk – Atem
Pink Floyd – Set The Controls for the Heart Of The Bong
Kactus – Parsley
Arcade Fire – Song on the Beach: Photograph
Lotte Lenya – Surabaya Johnny
Irmin Schmidt and Kumo – Umbilicus clear
Radio Kuolema – August 9, 1969
Dr. Hooker – This Thing
Tod Dockstader – Luna Park Traveling Music Apocalypse
Fafa Lemos – Brasil
Harmonia – Gollum
The Caretaker – F3 Internal Bewildered World
Ilyas Ahmed – The Gathering
J. Hanson – Peace in Sumeria
Richard Shores & His Orchestra – Love
Harmonic 33 – Carousel
Mikis Theodorakis – Rodostimo

Keep Pushing On