Two live sets of unreleased material from 33EMYBW as 100 tapes on SVBKVLT.


Symbiosis Codes

“I saw a lot of petroglyphs in the cave – there were faces with insect tentacles that connected like antennas and grew new faces… Anyone who wears the mask with this face will dance uncontrollably, and never stop.” This is a collective dream recorded in the book “节肢大陆集体梦图说”, date of publication unknown. As an ancient artistic form, petroglyphs depict people’s daily life, rituals and imagination. During ceremonies, people communicate with the gods through the sound of drums and receive responses from their ancestors. The worm-shaped tribes and the percussion sounds do not only exist in the past.’


This set is made based on a mandala. It is divided into 4 parts, and each part is 8 minutes long, representing the edges of a square. I recorded all the samples for this set during a trip to Lhasa, Tibet, and are from the 4 corners of the square – Jokhang Monastery, Ramoche Monastery, a crossroads and a little teahouse. These four corners also lie on a circle, and at the center of the circle is a shop of selling Buddhist wares. A recording from shop is used in the middle of the set.’