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A Color Named Nothing

This track by Contraption #37 from the 1988 C.A.G.E. compilation album “A Consonant Vowel” uses a single note from a Ravi Shankar LP sampled into and played on a Casio SK1 for the music combined with a verbal from an episode of Ben Casey. The video was shot using an old JVC tube camera set with the registration slightly out to produce the blue/purple halo and shooting a TV screen.

The music track was recorded direct to the 3/4 inch deck on one channel while the verbiage from the TV was recorded on the other then mixed to mono in editing.
Unlike the album track which was mixed with only the two audio sources.
The ultra low-fi quality is due to the loss of the master tape and the only source now being an mpeg 1 file. video and audio circa 1986