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A Tenerife Rabbit Ritual

As the camera slowly zooms in, the idyllic scene of Tenerife in spring with its blue sky and warm sunshine starts to take on a surreal and grotesque quality.

The gigantic rabbit perched atop the bungalow was unnervingly motionless, its beady eyes staring into the distance, as if guarding a dark secret.

The couple, clad in vibrant beachwear, sit on a threadbare blanket in front of the bungalow. Their expressions are a mixture of euphoria and unease, as they gaze lovingly at the colossal rabbit, seemingly unaware of the bizarre nature of their situation. The sound of waves crashing against the shore is periodically interrupted by an ominous, discordant humming that seems to emanate from the rabbit itself.


As the sun begins its descent, a group of peculiar characters emerges from the bungalows nearby. They are dressed in anachronistic attire, their faces painted with garish makeup, giving them a carnivalesque appearance. They slowly congregate around the couple, forming an eerie circle as they begin to chant in a language that seems to belong to another world.

The rabbit, responding to the bizarre ritual, suddenly springs to life

—— Its eyes begin to glow, pulsating with a hypnotic red light. The couple, entranced by the rabbit’s gaze, stand up and join the circle of strangers, their expressions now vacant and detached.

A haunting melody starts to play in the background, as the group begins a macabre dance around the bungalow. The rabbit’s eyes continue to pulsate, casting an unsettling crimson glow on the scene.

With each rotation,
the couple’s faces grow more distorted and grotesque,
as if the rabbit’s gaze is warping their very essence.

As the dance reaches its climax, the camera pans out to reveal the entire beach engulfed in darkness, save for the haunting red glow emanating from the rabbit’s eyes.

The grotesque figures, along with the couple, vanish into the shadows, leaving only the eerie silence of the now desolate beach.