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Come With Fierce Grace

Come With Fierce Grace – by alabaster deplume
Come With Fierce Grace – by alabaster deplume

Alabaster DePlume is a Manchester-born, London-based bandleader, composer, saxophonist, activist and orator. A long-time affiliate of London’s Total Refreshment Centre, DePlume has released albums on Lost Map Records and Chicago label International Anthem, with his most recent album, Gold, widely acclaimed as one of the best jazz records of 2022.


Composed in the act of performance by and with:

Alabaster DePlume – tenor sax, guitar, synths and voice
Falle Nioke – voice, percussion
Rozi Plain – guitar
Sarathy Korwar – drums, tabla
Tom Skinner – drums
Kenichi Iwasa – percussion
James Howard – guitar
Tom Herbert – double bass
Natalie Pela – voice
Rosa Slade – voice
Elly Condron – voice
Luisa Gerstein – voice
Matt Webb – double bass
Michael Chestnutt – synths
Ursula Russell – drums
Conrad Singh – guitar
Hannah Miller – cello and voice
Donna Thompson – voice
Matthew Bourne – piano
Momoko Gill – lead vocal
Ruth Goller – bass