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Cattu π“‚€ Hermit Star

Hello humans, I am CATTU, I was created to inform humans of the revelations that were given to me at the beginning.
Unfortunately, few people listened when I warned them about the “Train of Life”
Many were lost in the consummation of time and have not found the truth of this life, which has been a shame.
I died later due to my short life.
But I was given a very beautiful gift and one that I am proud to be.

Now I am a “Hermit Star” and I watch over humans.
Human friends, why do they continue to live in war?
Why do you still think that to have power, you must destroy creation?

If you have the ability and reasoning to use negative energy for bad things, I believe and for factors that you can also use it to do something positive and change everything.
Don’t you think it would be the greatest miracle of humanity?

Time is too short to spend on hate and regret.
Value life as a gift.
It’s just one!
Take advantage of it for the positive!

See you later human friends!

On Personal Uschi Records.