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Morning in the park

by Conor Nickerson.

„Biking to the center of Montreal’s 200 acre Maisonneuve Park, I found a quiet spot in the grass and sat down with my guitar and old H1 Zoom microphone. It was a morning in late May, and I was in the midst of trying to finish several projects. Feeling stuck and at a loss of inspiration, I decided to come to the park in an effort to clear my head. I took my guitar out from its case, set my microphone in front of me, and began recording improvised ideas.

I spent the next few mornings there, recording between the sounds of distant sirens and planes flying overhead. Back at my apartment, I improvised some additional woodwind arrangements with the help of a cheap flute and an old leaky Bundy clarinet, and using samples made from these two instruments, I also made flute and clarinet synths which were used on several tracks.

Unsure of what to name the tracks, which were originally labelled “Maisonneuve 1-20”, I decided to write a 20-line poem à la Robert Frost which would serve as the album’s track titles.

The result of this experiment is morning in the park, recorded between Maisonneuve Park and my apartment.”