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Shot on a dusty fish farm in Southern Thailand, two workers live out their dreams. ——————————————————————————————– With one day left in Thailand, two Vietnamese hip-hop dancers and a fish farm to run around on, director Orban Wallace was inspired to make a music video. The following result was a Gamble on artist M.RUX who didn’t know he had a music video being made, liking it! A Gallivant Film Production Home By Orban Wallace https://www.orbanwallace.com/ M.RUX – OH BOY IN THE HOLD LP/ Digital Release-Date: 04.11.2016 Label: YNFND Distribution: store.ynfnd.com & finetunes The new release from Berlin-based multi- instrumentalist and DJ, M.RUX, is a something of a contradiction: at once a slow grind in sweaty ecstasy, while at the same time observing you coolly from a distance, legs crossed, tapping one foot gently. The same goes for the construction of the music. Deceptively simple at first listen, each track builds until a complex, dirty-minded concoction of soul samples, melodies, beats and varied sounds become clear

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