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Having played in legendary bands like Angeschissen, Blumen am Arsch der Hölle, Dackelblut and Oma Hans, Jens Rachut is one of the key figures in German punk history. With an eccentric personality, and a unique gift for lyrics that are neither punk nor poetry, he slid into the art world. After working on theater productions by Schorsch Kameron, he created his own audio plays with greats like Josef Ostendorf and Martin Wuttke. In his most recent stage play, “Der Schneckengott” (the snail god), Rachut takes us on a journey — with the help of Die Goldenen Zitronen and Die Sterne musician Thomas Wenzel, actress and singer Susanne Jansen and VJ Pencil Quincy — into the destructive world of snails.

21.2. Berlin Ballhaus Ost
22.2. Leipzig naTo
23.2. Offenbach Parkside Studios
24.2. Cologne Artheater
25.2. Hamburg Kampnagel

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