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Eva Geist

EP Dnihab, missed 2016 on Macadam Mambo.

Eva Geist’s music is inspired by dreams, lost paradises, and new horizons of human belonging.

Her early musical experiences in electronic music were largely self-directed, beginning with use of synthesizers and sequencers to different audiovisual computer and mobile technologies.

Geist’s music builds up a cinematic musical journey around rarefied melodies, arpeggiators, soft beats and space disco. Under the Eva moniker hides the underground polyedric artist Andrea Noce, who previously released a mini-LP last year with David Kristian on Macadam mambo.

This EP includes a wonderfull remix of «Tanz Im Morgenmantel » by Salon des Amateurs head’s Tolouse Low Trax, transposing it in a very subaquatic version, and a sublime artwork by talented artist Maria Torres.