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Trans Voices of Meditation

by Psychic Skin with Kelly Weaver & Rylee Short.

Releases June 14 on Crash Symbols.

For this installment of our Ataraxia guided meditation series, Louisville-based Psychic Skin (aka Joyce Barbour) offers gentle ambient music and a trio of guided meditations centered around trans voices from her community.

Kelly Weaver, currently interim ED at Out Loud Louisville, opens the cassette with a grounding exercise that encourages listeners to be present and accepting of their bodies.

Louisville-born but now Missouri-based Rylee Short offers a refreshing morning meditation to open the b-side, then a breath-centered meditation focused on positive affirmations.

Barbour intersperses these works with complementary sound baths, so listeners can use the entire sequence or break the tape down into several mini-meditations and rest period.