To get an idea of the DONK, check out the “Soni Riot (Donked Mix)”
Soni-Riot (Donk-ixed)

The “Return Of The Donk Invaders”
Return Of The Space Donkers (Gabber Remix)

Or check out Jogsons “Donkless Whisper” Remix!

or maybe a classic Donk: “Straight Outta Donkton!”

Burnley in Britain is one of the focal points of the planet’s most terrifying and hilarious forms of dance music: donk.

There’s a bit of debate about donk’s origins, but generally people attribute early-90s Dutch producers like Ultrabeat for pioneering the sound. It’s a rave-based dance music created around no-budget 150 bpm bouncy beats, intrusive fog-horned synth stabs, cartoon-y samples, and unsettlingly saccharine highs.

It’s basically happy hardcore on a crippling steroid comedown. The word “donk” comes from the relentless, maddening “donk” sound that’s overlaid on the beats.

When dancing, a donk commonly makes the dancer bounce on the donk beat.


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