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soFa else­where

Debut solo album from soFa elsewhere, a lysergic future-dream where Kosmische Musik, IDM, Dub, Avant-pop and Krautrork converge. Double LP.

Fake Yourself is an act of revolt as much as it is a celebration of life and an expression of human alienation. As usual in most of his work, soFa here reflects musical contrasts and contradictions as our existence so often does. It’s about sadness and joy, ups and downs and the fine line which connects them to tell a story. Fake Yourself comes as a spontaneous output of an artist escaping a scene of which the constant superficiality is unavoidable.

Mistakes and unusual production with a strong DIY flavor are a conscious choice to keep the spontaneity vibing.A pure and direct self, exploring a realm of sound with sharp curiosity, emotion and humour. Where simplicity and complexity marry.