Sound und Installation von Tim Berresheim. CD grade frisch raus auf seinem persönlichen New Amerika Label.

A good three years after his first solo debut „No Time Left“ on Eventuell Tim Berresheim presents the CD „Studies in Future Blues“ on his own New Amerika label. The new album shows a different take on experimental music. While „No Time Left“ gave a proof of his skills as multi-instrumentalist, „Studies in Future Blues“ is pure computer music. The title is programmatic because here Berresheim presents different takes on Bluesrock: from plunderphonic tracks in the tradition of John Oswald via melancholic treatments a la Caretaker to abstract microassemblies that remind of early computermusic of, for example, Horacio Vaggione. The seven tracks, all entitled „Wicked Son“, are highly entertaining demonstrations of his craftmanship. Cover art by Tim Berresheim, released on the occasion of the correspondent exhibition at the gallery Hammelehle und Ahrens in Cologne.