I’m glad
Oh, I’m very glad.

I have a wife that is stunning
My wife tells me I’m a good worker
In three months I’m home only once, because I can make a lot of money
I’m glad, there’s nobody else glad like me.

We were only married for four months, and there’s a baby
My daughter is beautiful with blond hair and big eyes
I ask myself, what did I do to get a daughter like this?

After three months my wife goes away for work
I ask myself, why did she take our daughter with her?
When they got back, my daughter looked fatter
Now she only eats bread and omlettes.

After three months my wife and daughter went away again
When they got back my daughter was so smart
She could speak English “food fish for fire”
How did we get such a smart daughter?

I’m glad
Oh, I’m very glad.

My wife brought a foreign friend to visit us
My wife is such a good wife, she makes new friends
Oh, I’m very glad…

(repeat x1)

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