Ein weitere Konstruktion aus unserer Reihe ‘Musikinstrumente, die du mir gefälligst zum Geburtstag schenken wirst’.

Die ‘Spoon Box’, erdacht von den von mir gern gehörten Laptop-Folkern ‘The Books‘. Ich habe mich ja immer gefragt, wie sie diesen Küchenutensiliensound hinbekommen. Das die Lösung so einfach ist. Man hätte es wohl ahnen sollen.

This will take a little bit of explaining. I built this prototype of the Spoonbox out of wood, plexiglass, zinc plates, measuring spoons, and closeout radioshack parts. It hooks up to a CD player and small amplifier which cause the spoons to dance. There are small speakers behind the spoons that move in response to the sounds on the CD which I carefully composed using low frequency sine waves and kitchen sounds. The speakers, in turn, blow small puffs of air into the spoons which cause them to bounce/vibrate in rhythmic patterns. It really must be seen to be understood, but this video might give you some sense of what it does.