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AFRODEUTSCHE – CAN’T STOP (Official Music Video)

AFRODEUTSCHE – CAN’T STOP – taken from the Tresor 30 12×12″ Boxset
Video by Michael England

AFRODEUTSCHE’s polyrhythmic compositions integrate a wide array of musical genres, including Afrofuturistic electro and techno, classical solo piano, and Detroit legacy house; all memorable journeys into deep, abstracted sound. Like a modern update to the Logan’s Run soundtrack, her contribution to the 30 Years of Tresor Boxset conjures visions of a late-night train ride around a futuristic megacity; beautiful and awe-inspiring. This is enhanced with a slight undertone of danger and unease as the string parts are manipulated to sound like a record or tape being slowed slightly.

Video Artist Michael England about the video:
A graphic spell of pseudo contra zooms and bona fide rave nonsense, landing somewhere between what is inside the fridge in ghostbusters and a bad FSOL vid circa 91.

Music Written & Produced by Henrietta Smith-Rolla
Taken from Tresor 30 – Limited Edition 12 x 12″ Vinyl Boxset
Available for pre-order now – out October 1st


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