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Chen Yinn – I Wanna Give My Love (Official Video)

Chen Yinn, a Poland based Taiwanese DJ, has moved onward as music producer after releasing his debut 7-track EP “Sports Brain” under High Note Record in 2014.

Chen Yinn is best known as a veteran DJ on the Taipei nightclub scene, founder of Chiching Records, Ting Ting Disco collective and an author of the online radio broadcast Catnip Breaks. As a DJ, he has played music around various cities in Asia such as Shanghai, Osaka, Hong Kong and Nagoya.

Chen’s sound is a mixture of musical influences such as Disco, House, African rhythms, Hip Hop, broken beat, and Canto-Pop. His music consists of slightly unorthodox drum programming, layers of synthesizers, and a focus on bringing the soulfulness out of the machines he is working with.

“I Wanna Give My Love” EP documents Chen’s exploration into the diversity of samples and broken rhythms, and was created in a much more collaborative spirit than his previous work.

Chen has commissioned three remixes from Bay-Area beats prodigy RITCHRD, California-based producer Holodec and iconic Taiwanese DJ and musicians Lim Giong and DJ Point (Aspiration Music Productions) in further dance floor explorations of the outer confines of his sound.


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Video by @majkor