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Erkin Koray – Cemalim (1974, High Quality)

“Elektronik Türküler” (1974) was the first real long-play of Erkin Koray, besides of the self-titled album his old record company published without his knowledge one year earlier, which only was a collection of singles.
In his words, this album had “a great sentimental worth” and he “created some of the things he wanted to give, but never had the chance to in his singles”.
The album was made within a studio work of 150 hours, and was “the furthermost point one could go by bringing in electronic elements to our folk songs without loosing the beauty and ‘natural taste'”.
“Cemalim” is an old folk song of the Cappadocian area which first was assembled by regional folk singer Refik Başaran. This folk-song was originally written from the view of Şerife, the wife of Cemal, a member of a renowned family from the village of Karlık, near Ürgüp in the Cappadocian region. Cemal who was well-known and beloved was killed by an intrigue. The folk singer Refik Başaran made this song of Şerifes mourning.
As to Koray, it “decribes the humiliate but manly feelings of Cemal” and is a blend of “a whining but ‘hard’ guitar coming from time to time to the foreground, and a firmly played but soft tuned Spanish guitar”.

Translation of the lyrics:
Be happy Ürgüp, there is no smoke above you.
My horse is young, its stall doesn’t hold it
(Original: Your horse…, as all is written originally to Cemal).
Your son is to small, doesn’t take your place.

My Cemal, my Cemal, my weakened Cemal!
Look, you are full of blood now, my Cemal!

They saw that I left Ürgüp.
They knew from the gallop of my white horse.
They have decided to kill me.

My Cemal, my Cemal, my weakened Cemal!
Look, you are full of blood now, my Cemal!