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EZRA – Eros (Germany)

!!!Zweite Single Auskopplung mit neuem Video!!!
Release Title: Akte Eros
Artist: EZRA
Label: Twin Town Production
Catalogue No.: TTPD061
Release-Date-Video ll: 22 Sep 2021
Release-Date-Video l: 07 Dez 2020 (Premiere Groove Magazin (Berlin), Trax Magazin (Paris))
Release-Date-Music: 30 Nov 2020
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EZRA opens a new chapter of TTPD061 in three acts with its second release “AKTE EROS” on Twin Town Productions. What began in 2017 with the first EP “Clockwork” is now turning into the new decade at half speed on “AKTE EROS”.

Future LoFi, Downtempo HiFi, Cosmic Funk or Modern Space House : EZRA combines rich basses and banging synths from the spheres of the 80s with sparkling hi-hats and crisp bass drums of modern times to a sound epic that combines the speed of hip-hop with the punch of house and techno in ecstasy.

RHYTHMUS 22″ marks the beginning of “AKTE EROS”: the pulsating rhythm rises leisurely from the mist of the dance floor. What begins slowly becomes an odyssey of sound and smoke: chaos emerges from uniform vibrations, followed by a total system crash.

Back from the darkness, “EROS” calls back onto the dance floor in the second act: hip-hop drums, funky basslines and popping snares bundle with chopped vocals to form a prism of rhythm and sound. Slowly the arpeggiator rises to the climax, hectically hissing the hi-hats. Rhythm becomes ecstasy, sound becomes EROS.

Outside of time and space, “FUTUR II” opens the last act: beating basses, whipping claps and tactile percussions unite EZRA to a dynamic cosmos of arpeggio and drums. In this carpet of sound, only a soft piano and thundering bongos remind us of the organic origin. In “FUTUR II” EZRA solves the dilemma of time and starts into new dimensions: with bass back to the Big Bang, with lead synths backwards into the future. LoFi becomes HiFi, dystopia becomes utopia: ASTRO DISCO!

✘ EZRA (Saarbrücken/Germany)

✘ Keine Zeit Medien (Saarbrücken/Germany)

✘ Twin Town Production (Saarbrücken/Germany)