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Fenster — HBW (Official Video)

»HBW« off the album »The Room« by Fenster.
Purchase it here — https://bit.ly/3gxTZJ0
Filmed & edited by Fenster.

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»The Room«, Fenster’s fourth album and their first release on Altin Village & Mine marks the beginning of a new chapter for the band. After releasing three albums, a feature length film, and touring extensively throughout Europe and North America since 2012, »The Room« serves as an entry point into their sonic evolution. The essential characteristic of the band is transformation—within and between genres, albums, and songs. Their sound is a window framing psychedelic, groovy, hypnogogic, playful pop.

The Las Vegas strip is the brightest place on earth. It’s so bright, you can even see it from outer space. It was a hot and windy morning at the end of a 3 week tour when Fenster loaded up their car and drove out to a part of the Mojave Desert known as the Valley of Fire, about an hour outside the Vegas city limits. The band set up their instruments tucked between the red sand stones from which the park derives its name, as they appear to be on fire when reflecting the rays of the sun. The plan, if you could call it that, was to make use of the dramatic landscape and shoot some kind of music video.

Just after they finished their first and only master shot, a park ranger emerged menacingly from the parking lot. He told them to get lost. So they packed up and vanished into the valley. Equipped with less than an hour’s worth of tape and battery power on a VHS camera, the band embarked upon a journey through the dunes. This is the video they made out of that footage, creating a rhythmical collection of reality based loops, stretching the legs of time.
In the last stanza of the song, JJ sings:

»I was a phase, you were going through. Said I was the one but there is no one. There’s only the sun that gives shape to the moon«

As the last word leaves her lips, the moon appears as the video takes us into the unknown. We find that we are perhaps not where we think we are after all… or maybe, we are exactly and only where we think we are, and all reality is, exists in that little room between your ears. Even the brightest place on earth looks like a toy next to that big ball of fire in the sky.