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FRANK POPP ENSEMBLE – DRIFTING (Official Video) feat. Lucy Kruger

DRIFTING is the 3rd single release off the forthcoming album “Shifting”, the Frank Popp Ensemble’s first album since 2005, out on Unique Records in January 2023. Vocals by the astonishing Lucy Kruger..
The single is available digital only or pre-order the album here: https://orcd.co/fpe_shifting

P&C 2022 Frank Popp. Under exclusive licence to Unique Records / Schubert Music Europe. Published by Budde Musikverlag.

Drifting written by Frank Popp, Jascha Kreft (published by Budde / Wintrup Musikverlag) and Lucy Kruger (Schubert Publishing).

Video by Mr.Popp. Thanks to Sophie, Lena, Patric, Dennis, Claire, Joel and Ina for your contribution!

Opening with a dreamy NightsInWhiteSatin-esque Intro, Mr. Popp appears in a softer, melancholic and psychedelic vibe off his forthcoming album. DRIFTING is a slow and powerful trip that reminisces of legendary acts like Portishead, Broadcast or Air, but keeps the strong vintage soul touch like epic soul hymn „Les Fleurs“ accomplished in 1969. Lucy Kruger’s vocals here are irresistibly absorbing, perfectly carried by the lush orchestral arrangement. A perfect tune for the colder seasons.