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Morita Vargas – XOXOXOXO

Production – Camera
Noelia Garreffa https://www.behance.net/noeliagarreffa
Post-production – Edition
Jael Díaz Vila https://www.behance.net/jaeldv
Juliana Guglielmi https://www.behance.net/julianaguglielmi
Special Thanks: Lucas Garzón

XOXOXOXO, track 3 from her recently released album ‘8’

The transition between heaven and earth, the illumination of our infinite capacity for metamorphoses. Transformation, mutation, cyclical processes, death, creation, melancholy, joy. A monumental and deeply personal statement. A walk down the mystical path in the process of spiritual expulsion and renewal. The route of infinite meanings, somewhere on the border, between dream and reality.

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