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Rafael – Burning Hay [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Stream album – https://ffm.to/ia17
Song taken from ‘Sinners, Saints, Angels, Damned’ Lp by Warsaw-based vocalist/songwriter Rafael.
Music and lyrics written and performed by Rafael.

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Limited edition of Rafael – “Sinners, Saints, Angels, Damned” cassettes available.
Each tape will come with a 24-page printed zine containing lyrics and illustrations by Rafael.

Music and lyrics by Rafael
Directed and edited by Rafael

Director of Photography: Lola Banet / Art Faces
Instagram https://bit.ly/3dEtpe3

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Burning Hay

Tiny spider crawling up your leg
pale field and the cold gray sky,
Tiny spider crawling up your back
black ink spilled across the edge,
Tiny spider crawling up your neck
skyline’s groaning under,
Tiny spider crawling on your face
under burning hay

Dig deep
dig deep,
In this frozen ground
Take it all
All you got left
and throw it in