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Rotte – Butterbrot und Peitsche (Thee Church Ov Acid House Version) [Pudel Produkte]

Exclusive: Rotte – Butterbrot und Peitsche (Thee Church Ov Acid House Version)

For Pudel Produkte’s next outing Rotte’s previously released track Butterbrot und Peitsche gets Thee Church Ov Acid House treatment and satisfies listeners as well as viewers at the same time with a colossal make-over of the original track and video. Butterbrot und Peitsche in Thee Church Ov Acid House Version is, like the artist name suggests, partly musically home in the duo’s nominally including sub-genre Acid House. Partly because the track is a little more built upon a hollow almost techno-esque seeming bass line, which includes partial sizzling bleeps and is musically garnished with Christian Rottler’s, Rotte’s real name, spoken vocals. The combination of this raw back to the roots or basic approach and the thereby emerging dark twist in the version makes Thee Church Ov Acid House Version a classy in fact timeless piece of music that has this simply charming note only one can produce, when having been in this scene for almost as long as it exists. Chapeau!

In occasion of the release of Rotte’s Butterbrot und Peitsche (Thee Church Ov Acid House Version) on Pudel Produkte on July 15th, 2022. Thee Church Ov Acid House reveal some rare information regarding their personal and artistic being.

Read the full feature here: https://torturetheartist.net/2022/07/13/exclusive-rotte-butterbrot-peitsche-thee-church-ov-acid-house-version-pudel-produkte

Buy/ stream the single: https://PudelProdukte.lnk.to/brotpeitscheTCOAH

Release information
Pudel Produkte 42.3
Artist: Rotte
Track title: Butterbrot und Peitsche (Thee Church Ov Avid House Version)
Text, lyrics and guitar: Christian Rottler
Production: Oliver Bradford & Jörn Elling Wuttke

Video: https://www.frischvergiftung.de

Artist & label information
Rotte: https://christianrottler.com/rotteaufpudelprodukte //
Pudel Produkte: https://facebook.com/pudelcom // https://soundcloud.com/pudelprodukte // https://instagram.com/pudel_com

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