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Schallbehörde Presents: Die Erde Spricht Ständig Zu Uns

WARNING, rapid editing and some flashing lights!

Schallbehörde is happy to present our new video for our piece, “Die Erde Spricht Ständig Zu Uns”, featuring Mark Peetsma on Sousaphone. This is an unreleased track.

Full disclosure: I made this video several years ago as a way of learning digital editing on computer. It has never been made public before this. Recently I realized that it could be quite easily adapted to this piece of music, so I made a quick test and was happy enough with the result and I thought I would show it here. I am also considering posting the original video at one point, and will post a link below when that day comes.

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Mark Peetsma can be heard playing with the Montreal Klezmer band Kleztory:

 Thanx, and ROCK ON!