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Wiera Gran ….. ✶ 20 April …. (Maria Dolores)

Wiera Gran (1916-2007) was born on April 20th. Adolf Hitler was also born on April 20th. This coincidence had a particularly dramatic dimension for the artist during the war and during her stay in the Warsaw ghetto. She describes it in her book “Sztafeta oszczerców” (A relay of slanderers) – the relevant fragment has been copied and is located at the end of the video.

In the video – a film recording donated to Jerzy Płaczkiewicz by Wiera Gran, Paris, November 2003. The entire tape.
In December 2018, the original copy was handed over by him to the National Library, Warsaw.

MARIA DOLORES (Garcia – Ref-Ren) – Wiera (Vera) GRAN – Paris, ca 1959.

According to Polish lyrics written by Ref-Ren Konarski, this is the story of proud Maria Dolores from Barcelona, whose strong ego was broken by the fact of abandonment by a young lover:

“… Ole, Ole! He was young and he had black eyes!
And he kept swearing that he loved me,
That for me, that he would always jump into the fire …!

Ole, Ole! The street is now dark and empty,
The lanterns are out, the stars are gone,
There’s no moon overhead already ….

Ole, Ole ! The echo of the last words is dying somewhere:
Adios, you are my only one, you are my dream, Maria Dolores !…”

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