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I really wish to be in harmony. To feel and learn the power which makes the flowers grow, the power which make the seed sprout and break through the earth. The cosmic power from the universe called love and brotherhood, which radiates from the universe and exist everywhere, but only is realized by few. If you reach that, will you have no need for concern or doubt, because then you will understand that nothing is impossible for you.

Originally released in 1977, Gert Thrue’s Sound Painted Pictures Of Cosmic Love is a cult classic from the early Danish cosmic music scene. Across four evocatively titled pieces of varying lengths, Thrue and his collaborators, the drummers Jan Preus and Per Høyer, take the listener on an expressive journey through a celestial constellation of organs, keyboards, synthesisers and drums. In the process, they reach into the infinite while pursuing the lofty spiritual goals Thrue articulated in the album’s bilingual liner notes.