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Aesop Rock & TOBACCO are Malibu Ken – Acid King (Official Video)

“Malibu Ken” is available now: https://rse.lnk.to/MalibuKen Subscribe for more from Rhymesayers: http://bit.ly/RhymesayersYT “Acid King” is the first single from Aesop Rock and TOBACCO’s album, “Malibu Ken,” which is available everywhere on streaming, Mp3, CD, and vinyl LP. Order now: https://rse.lnk.to/MalibuKen Head over to Aesop Rock and Rhymesayers’ official online store, Fifth Element, to bundle with limited and exclusive Malibu Ken merch today! http://bit.ly/MalibuKenFE Video credits – Director: Rob Shaw Producer: Brianna Vitale Character Designs: James Quigley Art Direction: James Quigley 2D Animator: Jesse McManus Reference Video: Jim Birkett Compositor: Cameron Carson Editor: Rob Shaw Record Label: Rhymesayers Entertainment Lyrics: The magic is black, backyard happy and fertile, for Kasso, the acid king of the black circle, same year Bowie dropped, 2 horns hatched and matured, to gore Northport’s 84, Here is 84: Mary Lou Retton, Excitebike, AIDS, Jeopardy!, wake up the Orwell in me, crack rock, anyway – 17 summers in developing, would it be the middle school or ketamine? Guess, left home in the dark, to curl up in the bear hug of Suffolk County’s arms, with a bevy of heavy metal records and leather bibles, more Anton Levee than St. Michael, more sherm in a Ford on bricks behind Midas, fly with the pentagram pilot, Sabbath and Judas and all tunes prudent, seems tame now but then it was devil music, Rick 6, the nick name clicks, makeshift alter in a clearing in the sticks, forfeit a kitten by the forks from the kitchen, with horsemen who drew the same symbols, pitchforks waving out a grand theft 4 x 4 support system, alas, Angus on the ax in the back, foreground offering a pitch-dark animal corpse in backyard black mass, and a brash curiosity opt for grave robbery, to puff and pluck skulls out of cemetery property, cops cuff him and stuff him in Amityville Asylum, that’s fantasy island for Noah’s Lions, at the time South Oaks, but focus on the environment, and how it couldn’t loosen the lucifer out it’s client who would flee, pale moon, pale horse howling death, and LSD to make it mean more than it meant, Pay attention – here’s where the whole thing sours, and goes from Intriguing to wowzers, at a party, a passed-out drunk Kasso gets got for 10 bags of dust, Now it’s not a big town and people have big mouths, so he fishes around ’til he figures it out, Gary Lauwers, 17 years young, you have no idea what you’ve done, track him down, beat him pissy, got 5 bags back, stills owes him 50, oh Ricky Ricky, do he hound him for loot, or show him how the hell bound do? hm… Kasso waves all debt, says “Let’s just go and get baked instead”, 2 Shake hands and the beef play dead, though its more like a skeeter shaking a web, and along came a spider with 2 of his friends, It was into the woods, a delusional mess, 4 kids dipped in a black hole bath, June 16, Kasso snaps, off-guard Gary tackled and pinned, sees Rick pull a knife from his jacket and grin, raise that knife like a sword to the moon, plunge that knife through a portrait of youth, going “Say you love Satan! Say you love Satan!”, Lauwers ain’t say it, just cave to the facelift, 32 stab wounds, gouged out eyes, burns on his skin, not a cloud in the sky, Kasso would later explain he was told, by Satan himself in the form of a crow, to murder the kid cold, a part of a pristine whole, no no no no no… and just had to brag, until somebody sad just had to rat, sat in cell as a merchant of hate who would hang from his sheet before the 3rd day, some say Kasso was part of a cult but I’m sure there was more than we’re told, more than adults or authority could rightly decode, or maybe I’m wrong and he’s finally home, Kasso . – It’s starting to feel like a nice night, hold close to the highs and the white light, hold close to the good you are drawn to, these woods were grown to disarm you. For more info: https://rhymesayers.com/aesoprock https://facebook.com/aesoprockwins Tweets by AesopRockWins https://instagram.com/aesoprockwins https://facebook.com/tobaxxo Tweets by maniacmeat https://instagram.com/tobaxxo

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