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A documentary Film featuring Quintessence, 1970.

Jo Gannon’s documentary ‘Getting It Straight In Notting Hill Gate’ captures the social churn in the west London neighbourhood, at the start of the 70’s. Spaced-out sitar music and the prog rock grooves of Quintessence soundtrack this psychedelic flashback to Notting Hill Gate in 1970.This time capsule counter-culture documentary was designed to redress negative perceptions of Notting Hill in 1970: “a cultural and racial melting pot…probably the world’s most integrated ghetto”. Radical ‘Viet Grove’ free spirits seen here include Caroline Coon, of Release, a free legal aid service for young people hassled by ‘the fuzz’, and Larry Smart, psychedelic painter and poster artist.

A version of the Quintessence track Notting Hill Gate – performed live here – was featured on the band’s first album, In Blissful Company, released in 1969