Krach|kisten|Orchestra / [kaˈkaːo]
19 square boxes, reminding of guitar-amps in Piet Mondrian Style, two legs below each one, arms on each side and a head sticking out above the box.
The Krachkisten Orchestra consists of 19 homemade analog-instruments and roughly 22 musicians. Founded in 2009 the ensemble is constantly growing and searching for non-musicians or dilatants and monophonic sounds.

The instruments were inspired by Luigi Russolo and his invention of Intonarumori over a 100 years ago. Like their counterparts, each box got it’s own specific sound which can be modified via knobs and buttons. The sound of the produced music switches between noise, polka, electro stuff and hip hop and is always a result of improvisation. Musicality is not a condition for acceptance, you just need two working index fingers and a jogging suit.

Krachkisten Orchestra