Soundinstallation ‘Conte pour radios et robinets’ von Arno Fabre.

Just like in the bathroom of my boarding school as a child, a ligne of taps are facing us.
Of course, they are dripping. On top of them, where the mirrors are, we’ve set fifteen radios. The loudspeakers wires, splitted and stripped, are set under the taps.

As they fall, the drops restore briefly the electrical contact, and the radios emit sounds. Like a sequencer-tap-scratch, the radiophonic flow is chopped and mixed without care. As one listen simultaneously the fifteen radios, it creates a rhythmic and playful universe in which collides the meteoroligical bulletin, a cantata of Bach, the Top 50, the last terrorist attack, and adds for detergents. A radio and tap tale.

The volume of sound is weak, and it is necessary to move close and listen carrefully.