Orange Dust started writing music as a bet with three mates when they were 14. With the advent of a constant tonic of hard drugs over the years to follow it became both an obsession and an escape; primarily the latter.

For a brief time he was involved with the illustrious 8 Bit Recordings, playing gigs and pretending to be over 18 to cash his own bar card but the main crew involved were a bunch that went by the name TEFOSAV, a global crew of often slightly unhinged visual and audio artists that spawned on chat room corners and under the buttons of TB303s.

A bunch of internet mp3 releases, a videoclip of a guy shooting a girl with a gigantic paper mache penis gun, a lot of acid and no cashflow later, the game kinda broke off and other areas in life started getting persued; leaving the music to gather dust on various computers, external hard drives and peer to peer filesharing.
Now he’s put together some tunes that haven’t been officially released as the album – En Garde.

Download Full Mix | Orange Dust on SoundCloud | Followed By Ghosts [EAR025] | Stay Obscene [EAR007]