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euphoria | official song by labrinth & zendaya – “all for us” full song (s1 ep8) | HBO

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Official music by Labrinth.

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All For Us Lyrics

Taking it all for us
I’m taking it all
I’m Taking it all for us
Doing it all for love
I’m doing it all
I’m doing it all for love

Taking it all for us
Doing it all for love
Aye aye
aye aye

Too much in my system
(Famine, famine)
Money MIA
(Pockets hell a empty)
Mumma making ends meet
(Making ends meet)
Working like a slave
(Mississippi aye aye)
Daddy ain’t at home, no
(Father, Father)
Gotta be a man
(Michael Corleone)
Do it for my homegrown’s
(Sisters, Brothers)
Do it for the fam
(Yeah, so tell em labby)

Just for your love yeh I’ll
Give you the world
Mona Lisa’s smile
Hell I’ll do 25 to life
If it makes me a king
A star in your eyes

Guilty or innocent
My love is infinite, I’m giving it
No need for prisoners
Bitch please hands up this is a stick up cause I’m

I’m aye
I’m taking it
Aye aye
I’m Taking it all for us
doing it all for love
Aye aye aye aye

Guess you figured my two times two
Always equates to one
dreamers are selfish
When it all comes down to it
I hope one of you come back to remind me
Of who I was
When I go disappearing
Into that good night, good night, goodnight, good night, goodnight

I’m taking it all for us all
Doing it all for love
Aye aye aye aye

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euphoria | all for us – recorded by zendaya & labrinth (official scene clip) | HBO