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PREMIERE: Chris Imler – Country Club [R.I.O.]

From her window she watched them laugh and drink on the green. She’d long imagined herself there with them, sipping champagne in their designer outfits, not giving a thought to the outside world. Perhaps it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, perhaps underneath it all they were sad and lonely, maybe she was better off with her low paid job and her second hand clothes. Maybe she was happier…

Berlin-based musician Chris Imler delivers the next release on Benedikt Frey, Nadia D’Alò and Markus Woernle’ R.I.O. label. Marking the fourth release on the imprint, following instalments from the label bosses Nadia and last year’s various artists EP, Country Club brings two original hypnotic cuts to the table and two remixes from INIT, the project of Benedikt Frey & Nadia D’Alò, and Nyege Nyege’s Debmaster that take the productions into darker realms.

“Chris Imler, who alternates between eternal street boy and dubious
magician, has succeeded in upgrading to a prophet with his third
record. The 12-inch, completed in January and released on May 15th
on vinyl, is exaggeratedly up to date. Though it would never occured
to him in his wildest nightmares while doing it, Chris Imler produced
the soundtrack for the state of emergency. “I measure time in
catastrophes / The scale is open ended / The house collapses, the
city burns / A laser beam leads me to the Country Club” says the
chorus of “Country Club”. The music itself sounds like an emergency
from the first second on. Synths like deeply pitched sirens, a beat like
ground troops.”

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